Kairaku-hitou konyoku (mixed bathing) is Japanese spa culture.

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What is mixed bathing?


That is wrong.

It is very natural act for the Japanese to undress in the bath. That is not 'ism'. it is generosity (It doesn't care about little things.? A good word isn't found.) if anything.

Mixed bathing in Japan

Long ago, it was general in Japan that it didn't have a bath to home. Therefore, a public bath developed. There are many Japanese inns with no bath in the guest room even now. Instead, there is a big bathroom. As for the Japanese doesn't like to be alone in the small bathroom. We want to relax in the big bathroom. We enjoy friendship even if it is with the stranger. That is a Japanese bathing Style.

Add it. There was no habit of separating a bathroom into the man or the woman in past Japan. The bathing Style of the mixed bathing generalized inevitably.

One more. As for the Japanese, it is ordinary to take a bath nudity. Still, it was taking a bath without worrying though a Gender was mixed.

But, it changed after the Western culture was imported into Japan. Most hot springs became separated bathing.

Custom of the mixed bathing kept up to now

Though it decreased, the habit of the mixed bathing is still kept. The society which kept the culture of the mixed bathing made a start, too. There is a little movement of the way which introduces this culture as a legacy in the future.

The definition of the mixed bathing in Japan

Man and woman take a bath together? Only so, Is not. All Genders, All ages, All social positions, All the people, Impartially, Nothing is restricted, Take a bath together. That is mixed bathing in Japan.

Notice; When a bathroom can be occupied, it is being written with 'private hire' in this Web site.

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